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Concessional registration
Concessional Registration

In seeking Special Interest Vehicle (SIV) Registration through the All Classic Motor Club (ACMC), the vehicle owner must be a financial member of the club and retain membership for the duration of the SIV registration. 


Please familiarise yourself with relevant Queensland Transport guidelines, including restrictions of vehicle usage. These guidelines, restrictions and the Special Interest Vehicle Application Form are available from Queensland Transport Office or here.


To then apply for Concessional Registration you must seek endorsement from the Club Dating Officer. The Dating Officer will certify your vehicle and personal details through the Concessional Registration Certificate which is to be lodged with the Transport Department.


Please remember the Special Interest Vehicle Concessional Registration scheme is operated by Queensland Transport, not this club. The Club does not gain any financial benefit from your Concessional Registration. It is up to you, the individual, to abide by all restrictions of the Special Interest Vehicle Concessional Registration arrangements. The ACMC will not be held liable for any non-observance of these restrictions.


Go to our Membership page to find out more about how to become a member.

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